If you are looking for job or want to switch career but still want to be within your industry, a consulting job is for you. The best way to start as consultation is first study the industry. See where changes could be made that would benefit a company and use those as an advantage when pitching for future projects. The second thing is to research the competition. Go online and find people who are working successfully as consultants. Research their styles to discover what gives them an edge over other consultants in the field. Then contact them on LinkedIn and see if they can offer you fresh tips for breaking into the consultancy biz. Focus your efforts for maximum efficiency. Learn how to do self-promotion. There's a very fine line between well-done self-promotion and irritating a potential client. Learn how to speak confidently about your skills and what you can offer clients without sounding offensive. Go to schooled and take some classes or webinars that you can attend which will help you get additional education - and they will be an exciting new topic of conversation when you meet with potential clients. Expand your contact and try to build as big as your contact network.